MTC just hired a Creative Director (me) with little experience marketing real estate, an industry they spent 30-plus years mastering. So why? I asked myself that question. This is how I answered.

Mastery is powerful. But it can also be limiting, especially if it curbs curiosity. As for me, I’m comfortable never mastering real estate or anything else. I’d prefer to come close. To stay motivated by the gap. The gap is freedom to learn as I go and think outside the lines. And learning is part of creating. Our clients pay us for both. We learn from each other, by taking chances, by testing ideas and introducing them to the world. Ideas that are informed, fresh and deliberate.

When I met MTC, I was impressed by their open-mindedness, respect for their clients and inherent desire to do good. I saw a dedicated group that had been succeeding for decades, ready to raise their own expectations. What’s ahead for us is new. And while new can be scary, scary can be good. What’s most exciting is the potential for what’s new to be better every time. That’s the charge. To make what’s possible, probable. To find new answers versus relying on the ones we’re comfortable with.

We’ve started strong, shown trust in one another and explored new ways to do things. Some have worked, some I pretended weren’t my idea (all in good fun). I ask for enthusiasm, and it’s asked of me. I ask we share ideas worth getting excited about and present them in ways that defy the ordinary. So when a client responds to a presentation with, “Promise to bring this passion into the next meeting,” I feel we’re doing something right.

Looking forward excites me, very much so. I’ve been here four months, so there’s no looking backward. There’s no “backward” to look. Soon, though, there will be. The work we’ll have done together—work energized by fresh perspectives, smarts, daringness. If my team doesn’t look at me like I’m nuts from time to time, I’m doing my job wrong.

I’ve got a special group here, capable of just about anything. But, what’s most important to me isn’t what we can do. It’s what we actually do. To get there, I have to inspire them. To bring energy when I have it and when I’m fresh out. To evoke confidence when I’m sure and when I’m wavering. To move forward when there’s a ton of information and when there just isn’t. There’s no waiting, only going. There’s no halfway, only all the way. And there’s no telling where “all the way” goes. Only the promise it will go far.


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